Let go Fear, Anxiety, Worries (Guided Intuitive Writing Meditation - Journaling Highly Sensitive)

Today we'll talk about fear and anxiety and I know.... It’s taboo to talk about fear in our society….

We’re not supposed to say that we are scared because we think that people will reject us for that, right ?

But the reality is that we do sometimes feel anxious, worried, uncertain, shy, insecure, afraid, or even panicky right ? 

Ok, so get your notebook ready and let's get started to let go Fear, Anxiety, Worries with this guided intuitive writing meditation.

Amandine Mas - Emotional Freedom Coach with Writing on https://www.amandinemas.com  

PS : Here are the video I mentioned in this podcast : https://youtu.be/TAs5kTx9Yk8

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