Anger Management with Intuitive Writing

In this episode I’d like to take you to a beautiful self exploration journey through your Anger….  

Get your journal ready to put your anger into words so as not to create problems in your relationships, but also for your health.  

It is very important to know that anger affects the quality of your relationships when you hide it (when you don't express it), but also when you don't know how to regulate it (and that it takes up too much space).  

It is also important to know that your anger can also be useful, very useful….  

… To assert yourself, to set healthy boundaries, to take the right actions, to make conscious:decisions, to know what you really ant, to express a fear, an opinion, a disagreement, a difference, to take your responsibility and find fair solutions for everyone….  

I'm happy to take you to a beautiful self exploration journey through the messages, the insights and the gifts of the anger you may be feeling now, today, recently or regularly for years.  

So let’s dive together to see what you can exactly do to reach your purpose by transforming your emotions and your anger…

Get your notebook ready and let’s get started !  

Amandine Mas - Emotional Freedom Coach with Writing on  

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