The 4 Meanings of Your Sadness (And Loneliness)

In this episode I’d like to take you to a beautiful self exploration journey through sadness….

Get your journal ready to travel through 4 levels of understanding the hidden messages, the insights and the gifts of your sadness, loneliness, depression, overwhelm, this feeling of being heartbroken, discouraged, insignificant, disturbed, gloomy, defeated, miserable or anguished….

My goal by the end of this podcast is that you can co-create with your sadness toward your purpose, instead of repressing it, because I know by experience since childhood that it will reappear again and again in your life until you’ll listen to its message fully ;)

So let’s dive together to discover the treasures of the sadness you may carry for years, and what you can exactly do with it to reach your purpose… Let’s get started !

Amandine Mas - Emotional Freedom Coach with Writing on

PS : The episode I mention at the end of the episode about “transforming all your emotions” >


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