Highly Sensitive: Journaling Emotional Freedom Technique (Intuitive Writing)

When you get highly sensitive (your non negotiable, most important need)….

You think and feel too much ?
It bugs you in society, at work and in your relationships, for years ?!

Don’t worry, we are millions like that (more than 20% of the population in France and in the US) and I can relate to that 1000% as I have been a highly sensitive person myself since childhood. Maybe like you, I suffered in silence as my hypersensitivity wasn’t understood by my family, and I've learnt a lot from many emotional intelligence experts…..

If you want to know what is your number 1 need when you get highly sensitive and to turn your emotional and mental overload into your hyper potential (creativity, intuition, pleasure, joy), in a few minutes in your notebook, this episode is for you….

Amandine Mas - Emotional Freedom Coach with Writing on https://www.amandinemas.com 

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