Improve Relationships Journaling Prompts

Nonviolent Communication Journaling for Relationship Anxiety and Highly Sensitive People

Practice emotional release and emotional intelligence in your relationships, right now, with your pen and notebook ;)
In this episode, Iโ€™m gonna guide you through a guided 3-step experience to help you to :

  1. Get in touch with your emotions (and unmet need) that triggers you, in your relationships, in order to โ€œdissolveโ€ them, with your words.
  2. Put the right words on the unconscious - but very important - messages from your emotions, to no longer react (and to take your power back in your relationships).
  3. Express and communicate your emotions, your needs, your boundaries and your request clearly, to move forward in your relationships, without sacrificing yourself and without expecting the other person to change

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