Release your anxiety with your writing


Masterclass to Turn your Mental Mess into a Life you Love (simply with a Pen and Notebook)


2 proven steps to use on a daily basis


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The Tools and the Structure you need to build a Healing and Manifesting Journaling Routine.

This course is designed for you if:

  • You deal with strong emotions and anxiety that weigh you down 
  • You want to turn them into positive projects and relationships  
  • You’re determined to get more freedom and happiness 
  • You want to transform your hypersensitivity into opportunities
  • You are ready to change and don’t want to change other people anymore

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“I loved Writing Meditation, it help me a lot to get out of my mind and overcome my writing blocks.

“Thank you for doing this workshop Amandine, it was healing, therapeutic and liberating, look forward to the next session !”

 “It was a revelation for me..."

In this online class 
you’ll learn to:


  • Understand and release your anxiety and stress, by recovering your intuition, creativity and leadership
  • Shift what has been holding you back for years into happiness (on your own terms)
  • Manifest the health, wellness, relationships and projects you want, in a few minutes everyday, with a pen, a notebook and science.


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