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Write your purpose in your notebook and turn your Emotions and Anxiety into Creativity and Purpose, simply with your Pen and Notebook....

>> For an anxiety free life, write your intuition with my guidance!

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Your words are healing. Your writing coaching is an energy work session. I journal everyday but I didn’t know I could combine it with mindfulness and meditation. 
Amandine, your coaching is mind-expanding and make me go in directions I normally wouldn’t. All the sessions I’ve been to helped me in my personal and business lives, which says a lot as I’m not impressed by most other coach.

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> Write your purpose in your notebook and turn your Anxiety into Creativty and Purpose, simply with your Pen and Notebook....

> For an anxiety free life, write your intuition with my guidance!

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This Free Masterclass guides you to release your anxiety and turn it into a life you love (with a pen, a notebook and the basics of neurosciences).


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Learn to overcome your stress and to recover your power with the combined power of Writing and Meditation.

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“The world needs your intuition and your creativity
especially if you're an highly sensitive).