Transform your Anxiety

with Writing & Meditation 

How to cope with your strong emotionsdeal with your challenging pastheal your relationships and shift your trauma into positive projects / business?


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Book your free session if you have ever felt:

~ Strong emotions that you can’t control ~
~ Intense feelings that take all your energy away ~

~ Chronic pain, tensions and discomforts in your body ~
~ Uncomfortable memories and sensations from your past ~

The first thing I want to tell you is :


We’re not supposed to feel ashamed of anxiety anymore.
This is just some of your needs that hadn’t been met in your past,
and that have created repetitive (and unconscious) suffering in your present.
It’s time to turn it into the projects and relationships that matter to you. 

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This journey is for you if your suffer from feeling :

  • Held back from achieving what really matters for you
  • Unsafe in your body, unable to really trust and love it 
  • Trapped in the same stress and crisis, again and again 
  • Overreacted from events that seem normal for other people
  • Overwhelmed by anxiety and panic attacks without anticipating them 
  • Overly frustrated, guilty, jealous, ashamed, needy, useless, not important, isolated, lonely in society, small…
  • Engulfed in dysfunctional relationships
  • Not loved or supported enough, rejected, judged, critiqued, blamed, not good enough 
  • Emotionally and sexually detached to not be hurt again

How Writing Meditation will help you release your anxiety ?


I invite you to see Writing Meditation as : 


- A guided self exploration with the help of your notebook

- A playtime recognized to stop your stress cycle and focus on the present

- A privileged moment you take with yourself to come back to safety and calm, regardless of your past and future, here and now

- An invitation to turn inward and express your true needs and messages to the world

- An opportunity to understand your past (and its consequences on your present)

- An experience to reconnect, to find the safety within yourself and remember who you really are behind your social masks and conditionings  

It’s not about getting rid of your emotions, it’s about getting familiar with it, in order to move forward, more freely.


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Writing Meditation is for you if you feel like :

  • You’re sweepping something difficult “under the rug” 
  • You’re suddenly “triggered” by the same situations (ex. speaking in public, a friendly joke that doesn’t feel friendly…) 
  • You’re stuck in your head, disconnected from your body 
  • You have strange behaviors, addictions, numbing and escaping or even self destruction habits (ex : overeating, smoking, drinking, social media...)
  • You're wearing a protective armour, a mask to not feel something too painful 
  • You feel like you don’t really belong, you’ve lost your true identity

So what does a writing meditation session look like ?

1. I ‘ll create a safe and non judgemental space for you to express freely what is holding you back. 

2. From this special space, I’ll assist you to calm your nervous system, recognize your survival strategies and rewire your brain from fear to safety and clarity  

3. Once you have relaxed your physical, emotional and mental tensions, I’ll guide you to meet your emotional triggers, identify and transform them into something positive,

4. Together, we’ll put some words upon your strong emotions, to make them bearable, useful and meaningful (at your own pace)

5. I’ll ask you questions for you reflect about everything your writing has taught you about yourself, too move forward

6. At the end of each session, we’ll discuss your mindful writing  routine, to find safety each time your anxiety is reactivated, and keep transforming it into positive projects 

There is absolutely NO writing ability required.


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I’m here to support you if you have the sensation that :

  • Something is off in your life, like a missing piece in the puzzle of your existence
  • Something is hurting you, deep inside, it’s hidden, it’s coming from your past, unsolved, repressed 
  • Something is triggering you inside and makes you feel unsafe (especially when your life takes a new direction) 

Have we met ? 

Hi, my name is Amandine Mas. I’m a Writing Meditation Teacher specializing in anxiety transformation. My work has actually been my therapy for 4 years since I’ve decided to live in Thailand (I was dealing with multiples anxieties !)….

On paper, I come from a very normal french family. I’ve never been exposed to any war or natural disaster.

From outside, my life and childhood looked totally healthy and full of love. But on the inside, an unfortunate event that occurred when I was 5 has marked me deeply. 

Since 5, I have suffered in silence, probably because I unconsciously wanted to protect my family, and myself.

Like most childhood anxieties, mine has been reactivated many years after, triggered by an important relationship.

I have understood that now, as an adult, I’ve got to be responsible to cope with my past, and I’m here to tell you that it is worth it. 

You can not only heal your anxiety but you also can shift it into something more powerful than you even thought you were capable of.

You are not alone. We are millions suffering from this under-recognized emotional prison that we don’t deserve.

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The Writing Meditation process I’ll share during your free session is the result of : 
- 12 years of therapies, downfalls, depressions, burn outs, bankruptcies, break ups....
- 8 years as a writer for 100+ therapists, coaches and healers from the western world and Asia
- 4 years of daily expressive writing, art and meditation
- 2 years of Writing Meditation Workshops  online and in Bangkok 
- The lessons from my little sister suffering from a brain disease following unhealed emotional traumas 
- The lesson of my current relationship with my partner that gave me the best opportunity to thrive instead of survive


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Credentials :

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited) by Joeel and Natalie Rivera - Transformational Academy
  • Mindful Art and Yoga Teacher Certification (Accredited) by Cynthia Hauk, MFA, Mindful Creative Muse
  • Happiness Life Coach Certification (Accredited) by Joeel and Natalie Rivera - Transformational Academy
  • Holistic Yoga Therapy Training (200h), by Thai Vedic
  • Member of the French Neuro-Business School (conscious entrepreneurs network)