“Improve your Relationships with your Writing” Guided Audio



Understand the Hidden Messages of your Emotions to 
Stop sabotaging your relationships, by setting clear boundaries and expressing your needs NOW (in your notebook)



“I love emotional freedom journaling, it helps me a lot to overcome my relationship anxiety”

Hello, Amandine here ;)


It’s my pleasure to guide you in this “Improve your Relationships with your Writing” audio to help you in 3 easy steps :

1. Get in touch with the emotions (and unmet needs) that trigger your relationships - in order to dissolve them

2. Put words on the subconscious - but very important - messages of your emotions to stop reacting (and take back your power in your relationships) before the situation explodes….

3. Express your feelings, needs and requests to move to the next level of your relationships, without sacrificing yourself and without changing the other person ;)


Hello, Amandine here ;)


It’s a pleasure to share with you this guided writing experience that will help you :

~ Relax stress, anxiety, strong emotions, self doubts and overthinking

~ Recover your intuition, creativity, pleasure, joy, happiness, which lead to your personal power

~ Follow your own everyday roadmap to get to YOUR goals, to know clearly what is the next step for you, the next action to take

It has worked for me. I will explain how, and I will also give you the science that proves it.

«Emotional Freedom in Relationships is the 4th step of my Writing Meditation method I teach to help you attract the life you want (beyond your psychological and emotional blocks)»

 Amandine Mas
~ Writing Meditation Coach ~

- Writer for more than 100 coaches, therapists and doctors for 8 years

- Journaler and meditator for 4 years

- Writing Meditation teacher for 2 years

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