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Reconnect with Yourself and Inspire

Do any of these take up all of your energy?

   Mental and Emotional Overflow, High Sensitivity, Anxiety, Overthinking 
   Burn Out, Unexplained Exhaustion, Unsolved Childhood Traumas
✓   Painful and Unfair Relationships, Toxic Partners, Breakups
✓   Frustration and Procrastination on what is important for you despite your High Sense of Purpose....
.... And so even if you work on yourself FOR YEARS, and even if you are a healer yourself !

It's time to realign your energy with your purpose. Shall we do it together ? 



Do you Live your Purpose ? 

Any of these sounds familiar :

>> You're full of ideas

>> You've learnt and tried SO many tools to improve yourself and to move forward freely in your life

>> You know that you have a role to play, a mission, you have a LOT to share and to give


>> Deep down inside, you're NOT free, you're “caught up” by your emotions and just thinking all the time….

>> Whether you like it or not, you “minimise” your potential, without knowing how to get out of this “survival mode” (fight, flight, flee, hide)

>> You're anxious, you doubt more then you don't, which in-turn lowers your self-confidence

>> You're socially frustrated because you can't express who you are (and because others don't understand your inner world)

>> You often feel lost (like you don't belong to this world), you sometimes want to give up

>> You feel disconnected from your own joy, your own creativity and your own intuition

>> You end up exhausted from your personal and professional relationships because you give too much and you don't know how to protect your energy

>> You know that your results are below "your level" and your real value because you're not completely living your purpose....

Do you express your true emotions and messages ?


If I am a Writing Coach today, it's because my life is all about unexpressed emotions.

I'm highly anxious and highly sensitive since a ignored sexual trauma at 5 years old. At that time, no adult helped me express my emotions, so I repressed them and suffered in silence until I started my healing journey at 25 years old.

 Over the years, because no one could understand my pain, I became "un-sensitive" and preferred to not feel because I wanted to be accepted so badly...

I started repress my sensitive nature and to wear a "tough woman social mask" and to over-adapt to society. But inside, I was totally dominated by my fears, without knowing it, for over 30+ years.

During 30 years, I tried very hard to fit in, to build stable relationships, and to create my own business (because I didn't fit any workplace). 

I wasn't aware that my intense intuitions, visions and emotions were guiding me (like a GPS). I honestly felt like they were a weakness...

It wasn't until I had the chance to collaborate with 100+ therapists, coaches, healers, neuroscientists and doctors, as a professional copywriter and coach for them.

It was then when I purchased my first notebook, to write down what I've been feeling every day since early 2018. Which has led me to create my own Self-Healing and Self-Coaching method through writing that I've started to turn my highest sensitivity into my biggest power, as a Journaling, Writing and Copywriting Coach.


That's why my main message for you is : 


"If High Sensitivity is not yet accepted in society (still too Hypo Sensitive?), it really just means that we are ahead.

Our intuitions and emotions are our SUPERPOWERS, and we can learn how to use them consciously in our Relationships, Communication, Business and Marketing"


Does that resonate?


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What is Intuitive Writing ?


> It's a Self Healing + Self Coaching tool.
> t's a Safe and Creative method to Shift Limiting Beliefs and Emotions into Clarity and Purpose.
> It allows you ask empowering questions to your subconscious mind to get your best answers from your notebook.


Intuitive Writing has been helping me, a LOT, everyday, since January 2018. It has assisted me to enjoy the bright side of my sensitivity and to thrive as an emotionally free woman (to no longer try to "fit in" the patriarchal society).


It will also help you to : 

1. Understand the meaning of your overwhelming thoughts, doubts, emotions, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety (that you're carrying from childhood)

2. Shift these painful and un-helpful beliefs and feelings into more elevated ones, like Courage, Acceptation or Love, by accessing new levels of consciousness (in order to live your purpose)

3. Make your best relationships, projects and business happen by finding your best solutions and action plans from your notebook 

4. Write and share your most authentic and inspiring communication, marketing and copywriting that will attract the right partners and clients in your life


It's because It has helped me and my clients so much that's why I am happy to share with you my 4-step method (scientifically validated) that I practice and have taught since 2018 :

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with a Simple Notebook


  • A coaching program to get out of "your emotional and mental prison" with the highest energy of your own words
  • A creative opportunity to express your emotions, messages and purpose in order to create conscious relationships, communication, projects, business and marketing


  • I will guide you on Zoom (or in Bangkok) for a 90-minute guided writing session to become your self-coach and self-healer with the power of your writing



  1. We'll start all sessions with a short discussion about the emotions or thoughts that block your personal or professional life and a short meditation to connect with your intuition, your subconscious mind and your inner child
  2. From this higher state of consciousness I'll ask you some powerful questions to understand your emotional and thinking autopilot mechanisms from your childhood 
  3. From this new place of silence and creativity you'll write all the info and messages you receive from your intuition (thoughts, images, voices....)
  4. You'll keep writing until you'll feel totally safe, free and aligned with new solutions, action plans or "ready to share" writing (social media, marketing, book)
  5. At the end of each session you'll have shifted your limiting beliefs, behaviours and communications into new empowering ones directly from your notebook  




  • Increase your energy and come back to safety
  • Slow down your brain and access the state of consciousness Alpha (your natural creative flow) 
  • Calm your body to get out of anxiety
  • Name your insecurities, denials, triggers, fears and repetitive patterns blocked in your subconscious mind from childhood
  • Reconnect with your childhood joy and anchor it in your adult life
  • Reparent your inner child with your inner mum and dad
  • Reduce your stress and replace it by joy (by creating new neural connections)






  • Clear your busy mind and name your confusions, doubts, obsessive thoughts, limitations and "false self" (and identify at what moment in your story they correspond)
  • Reconnect with your life journey to discover what really matters most
  • Train yourself to express your intentions and your vision (and rewrite your life lessons out of social conditioning)
  • Ask, believe and receive your intentions in your notebook to move forward on a path that makes sense
  • Soothe your over-stimulated mind to find excitement in your everyday life (without expecting anything from anyone)



  • Identify, recognize and understand your emotional “roller coaster”, sensitivity, pain, suffering, wounds and negative programming
  • Regulate your inner states and transform them into motivation
  • Master the “emotional cycle of change” to your advantage : Denial, Sadness, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression and Acceptance
  • Discover the hidden meaning of your Sadness, Solitude, Discouragement, Heartbreak, Feeling of Loss, Negative Scenarios, Uncertainty, Anguish, Anxiety…. And turn them into opportunities for renewal and commitment
  • Discover the deep (and spiritual) meaning of your Anger, Frustration, Irritation, Disappointment, Aggressivity... And express them before they don't explode !
  • Decode your Fears and their messages (beyond the social taboo of being fearless) and transform them into action, excitement and love
  • Re-encode your Childhood Joy (in your brain) to create more gratitude, fun, creativity and confidence (while meeting your needs)
  • Stop being a victim of your emotions and take your power back !



  • Understand how your relationships “wake up” and “reveal” your wounds and ego 
  • Discover your power to “kill” your toxic relationships through nonviolent writing and communication
  • Express your unique inner world without fear of judgement and rejection (and give meaning to your life story)
  • Move forward with the support of others towards your mission (without fear of asking for help)
  • Build authentic relationships and collaborations (above social masks), without  exhausting yourself any longer (but by recharging your energy !)
  • Finding the right balance between your relationships and the rest of your life, between your feminine and masculine energies
  • Express your truemotions, story and messages to others, to make conscious decisions, to set clear boundaries and to assert yourself 
  • Living your purpose with a business and a marketing that you love and that inspire your clients


In addition to your 90-minute deeply transformative coaching session :

  • 1 personalised audio recording after each session to integrate all your emotional and mental changes in a targeted way
  • 1 monthly group webinar to practice intuitive writing, self-healing and self-coaching together
  • 1 support Facebook group to be motivated by me and the other members

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"Amandine, your words are healingYour coaching are energy work sessions with writingI used to journal everyday for years, but i didn’t know that I could combine it with mindfulness to reach my purpose"

"Amandine, what you teach is mind-expanding and makes me go in directions I normally wouldn’t. All the sessions helped me in my personal and business lives, which says a lot as I’m not impressed by most other coaches."

Hello, I'm Amandine,

I am a Journaling, Writing and Copywriting Coach to guide you Live your Purpose in 5 Steps :
> Intuition
> Manifestation
> Emotional Intelligence
> Conscious Relationships & Communication 
> Conscious Business & Marketing
What's your next step ?!

My mission is to help you transform your overwhelming thoughts, emotions and intuitions into conscious relationships, communication, business and marketing.

During our sessions, I'll create a safe space for you to get out of your mental and emotional confusion which you have accumulated from childhood, without knowing it..... 

The aim of my work is to bring you emotional and mental clarity with a simple notebook and a double self-healing and self-coaching tool I created in 2018, when my life took an unexpected turn.

But above all else, I am on my way too, like you, toward my emotional freedom in order to live my purpose as well.

Before practicing Manifesting Writing, I was cut off from myself and overwhelmed by what was happening to me :

  >> I was heartbroken and losing my bearings constantly.

  >> I was scared, in the midst of a life change, trying to reconnect with my intuition and my emotions that I had buried since my childhood.

  >> I used to give all my energy to others.

  >> I was loved for who I was not….

  >> I was partying (a lot) to “forget" that I wasn't following my path

  >> I was either turned off or too excited

  >> I was wasting my energy on the wrong projects and relationships

Sound familiar ?!


The truth was that I was unconsciously haunted by the same emotions that were constantly being replayed..

However since 2014, I had been fortunate to be the copywriter and thcoach of 100+ conscious entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, neuroscientists and doctors who shared with me that it is possible, not only to heal from our wounds, but also to turn them into conscious relationships and business, regardless of our past.

I learned and practised a lot alongside them (meditation, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, NLP, energy work, intuition, law of attraction…..), but the change really happened in January 2018, on Koh Lanta island, in Thailand, when I bought my first notebook by accident….

I started to write and to slow down my nervous system, and to manifest the life and the writing business I secretly wanted….


Since then, I have developed multiple writing coaching practices that allow me to access new long lasting sensations :

  >> I feel less out of place, rejected, misunderstood, alone, too much or not enough

  >> I'm no longer frustrated that I "didn't fit in"

  >> I reconnect to my intuition and appreciate my originality

  >> I love who I am (under my masks) and I am surprised at my creativity (not just in writing, by the way)

  >> I finally express my inner world and I am less overwhelmed by what is happening outside

  >> I no longer need to follow others or please to exist, I just have to deploy myself

  >> I find my own solutions with my own words

  >> I feel more and more balanced between my feminine and masculine energies, which allows me to build a conscious relationships with my partner, as well as a conscious writing coaching business with my women community in Bangkok.  

Authenticity, it is to recognize our emotions and know what to do with them.”

Daniel Golman,
The Father of Emotional Intelligence

"It helped me to deeply align with something important to me, in order to manifest it"


"II love intuitive writing, it helps me a lot to get out of my mind and overcome my emotional blocks

“Thank you for doing this coaching Amandine, it's healing, therapeutic and liberating, look forward to the next session !”


“It was a revelation for me....”

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