Reconnect with yourself and Share your true

message with a simple Notebook

Hello, I’m Amandine, Journaling, Writing, Copywriting Coach and Author of "Write your Mission - How to shift from Trauma to Purpose".

This website is dedicated to help you decode your overwhelming EMOTIONS and to turn them into CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS & MARKETING.


Reconnect with yourself and Share your true

message with a simple Notebook


Hello, I’m Amandine, Journaling, Writing, Copywriting Coach and Author of "Write your Mission - How to shift from Trauma to Purpose".

This website is dedicated to help you decode your overwhelming EMOTIONS and to turn them into CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS, MARKETING.


What you can do with the power of your writing :

Stop exhausting, sacrificing and limiting yourselves by expressing your emotions and your sensitivity

>> Reactivate your creativity and intuition (the world needs it !)
>> Validate yourselves unconditionally  to deploy your hyper potential (stop waiting to be understood !)
>> And inspire others with your courage to take action for what we believe is right (your difference is your strength.....)

If you want to express the real you in your relationships business and marketing by turning your emotions into a GPS towards your purpose.

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"Create positive changes in your personal and professional life, everyday, simply with your pen and notebook"

Your Workbook

This Workbook is your roadmap to start your mindful writing routine in 2 steps : 

  1. Shift from Anxiety to Creativity with the basics of Neuroscience and Mindfulness
  2. Follow a proven process to write what is holding you back (to get rid of it)  and attract what is important for you

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The Masterclass

In this Free Training Relieve I guide you turn your Anxiety into Purpose with :

  • 2 proven steps to clean your mental mess on a daily basis

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The Blog

In my Blog, I share with you :

  • My story with Writing Meditation
  • My best tips to overcome your anxiety with the combined power of Writing and Meditation

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What if you could make real everything you write in your journal (even it sounds crazy, and even if you have a challenging past) ?!"

The Youtube Videos

On Youtube, I publish a weekly inspiration and guidance for your mindful way of living.

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The Next Workshop

Join Amandine Mas and Evelin Nagy to learn simple yet transformative tools to move from a messy mind to a clear vision and a life on purpose

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Here is what will happen during this call :

> I'll create a safe space for you to freely share your deepest emotions, mental blocks, relationships, sexual and money issues (even the most painful ones that you carry from childhood)

> We'll see together how intuitive writing can help you to turn those pains into more meaningful relationships with your emotions, your busy mind, your stressed body, the people you care and the dreams you ant to make happen

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Nice to meet you !

Hi, I’m Amandine


Today I know how to transform my stress, anxiety and emotional roller coasters on a daily basis with the help of my notebook (and I teach Highly Sensitive Women how to turn their Painful emotions into Meaningful Relationships & Careers See here how)


 …. But it wasn't the case until January 2018.

I’m lucky to be a writer for more than 100 therapists and doctors for 8 years. 
I've journaled and meditated every day for 4 years.
I've been teaching writing meditation in Bangkok and online for 2 years.

But before that, I realized at 37 years old, that I have been extremely anxious and highly sensitive since I was a little girl, without knowing it…


More About Me

“I love intuitivwriting, it helps me a lot to get out of my mind and overcome my emotional blocks.

“Thank you for doing this coaching Amandine, it's healing, therapeutic and liberating, look forward to the next session !”

“It was a revelation for me....”

"Amandine, your words are healing. Your coaching are energy work sessions with writing. I used to journal everyday for years, but i didn’t know that I could combine it with mindfulness and meditation to reach my purpose."

"Amandine, what you teach is mind-expanding and makes me go in directions I normally wouldn’t. All the sessions helped me in my personal and business lives, which says a lot as I’m not impressed by most other coaches."


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